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Treat yourself to a free cuppa coffee or satiate your sweet tooth craving with a  complimentary dessert. Indulge in amazing experiences that are a bang for your buck!

Embark on a Life Filled
with Exciting Rewards

Stop searching and start earning rewards while on the go. Get access to exclusive discounts and perks at our curated restaurants and retailers. No hidden fees, no subscriptions. It’s your turn to discover new experiences and live the best life you possibly can.

How to Redeem Instantly

All you need are 3 simple steps to enter a journey of exploration and contentment.

1. Collect as many rewards as you wish

Wherever you go, we send you push notifications of rewards from nearby Flex Partners. Gifts and promotional offers are conveniently dropped into your Giftbox. Pick and choose as many as you wish for FREE!

2. Redeem easily

Found a reward you like? Redeem it instantly at your desired location by simply presenting your phone to the shop staff.

3. Trade unused rewards

Sell your unused rewards on the Rewards Marketplace and earn valuable Global Awards Tokens. Spend your GAT coins on the Marketplace to get even better rewards!

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