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Treat yourself to a free cuppa coffee or satiate your sweet tooth craving with a  complimentary dessert. Indulge in amazing experiences that are a bang for your buck!

Embark on a Life Filled
with Exciting Rewards

Stop searching and start earning rewards while on the go. Get access to exclusive discounts and perks at our curated restaurants and retailers. No hidden fees, no subscriptions. It’s your turn to discover new experiences and live the best life you possibly can.

How it Works

Download the Flex Rewards app and follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Find Amazing Deals Around You

Browse thousands of shopping and dining coupons from over 200+ nearby Flex Merchants. You can save BIG money on countless 1-for-1 deals, free gifts, and up to 60% off selected products. Redeem as many coupons as you wish for FREE!

2. Earn Loyalty Stamps As You Go

Earn digital Loyalty Stamps whenever you redeem a coupon or visit any Flex Merchant. Loyalty stamps unlock MEGA prizes and free gifts. Collect and manage all your loyalty stamps in one convenient place.

3. Trade Coupons

Trade coupons with other Flex users in our Rewards Marketplace. Use the marketplace to obtain coupons that you may have already used up, or buy other types of coupons that you might have missed. Every user starts with 100 Global Awards Tokens to use as in-app trading currency. See how many GAT Coins you can earn!

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