Capture A Loyalty Member With

Flex Rewards In Less than 30 Seconds.

A Quick & Easy Experience For Your Customers


Scan a unique QR code

Download the

Flex Rewards app & sign in with Facebook, Google or Apple

A Gift Stamp is immediately added to your customer’s loyalty card

Redeem reward when you have completed the loyalty card

Reach your entire customer base with loyalty stamps sent across all sales channels

With Flex Rewards you can send loyalty stamps in delivery boxes and takeaway packaging to reach all of your customers, even when you sell through popular food delivery apps like Food Panda and Grab Food.

This allows you to take full control over your entire customer base no matter how you generate sales.

Did you know that loyalty program member is likely to spend 20% more frequently

Increase the number of returning customers

Communicate directly with existing and new customers through EDMs

Build customer relationships and networks

Trusted by our Flex Partners

Loyalty Program Partnership with Machan’s Kitchen

Active Loyalty Program members



Conversion to “sticky” customers who return more than once 


Of sticky customer are high frequency customers returning multiple times a week or month

We offer in-store marketing materials such as templated table stands, stickers and customised pull-up banners with easy access to the

QR code that leads directly to your loyalty program.

During a 1 month period, on average Flex Loyalty partners saw an

increase in sales and customer retention.

Become A Flex Partner and Build Your Customer Loyalty Today!

Flex Rewards is a powerful loyalty stamp card system made specifically for the food & beverage industry.

What makes us unique is the ability to reach all end-user customers even when orders are generated by third party food delivery platforms like Grab Food and Food Panda. 

We achieve this by generating non-copyable single-use QR code stamps that can be included in food delivery and takeaway packaging. This allows merchants to engage with "at home" customers who frequently use popular online food delivery apps.

The goal of the system is to convert as many customers into loyalty members as possible.

Flex Rewards is a universal loyalty solution that works across all platforms to achieve incredible business results.

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